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We are dedicated to supporting domestic and international organizations.
We manage their accounting,
tax and financial consultancy requirements in locations around the world.


  1. Corporate establishment and Filing Tax Returns

    When a foreign corporation establishes a subsidiary or a branch in Japan, it requires to create an “Articles of Incorporation” and have it registered it with other documents at legal, tax and other agencies. Knowledge on accounting and tax systems in Japan is necessary as well when making actual business transactions.

    We provide one-stop full services in English in collaboration with a judicial scrivener firm and other professional firms. Our services include the following tasks.

    • Assisting to establish a corporation
    • Tax retainer services (tax advice and filingtax returns)
    • Other advisory services regarding corporate finances
  2. Assinting tax returns for corporations without a Permanent Establishment(PE) in Japan

    A foreign corporation without a PE in Japan may be subject to corporate tax or individual income tax on business revenues generated in Japan without a PE (Permanent Establishment) in some cases. For example, if any income generated by utilizing or by selling an estatein Japan, it is subjected to filingtax returns.
    We will take tax treaty benefits into consideration in order to minimize the tax cost while keeping down the tax risks. Our services include the following tasks.

    • Tax consultation
    • Filing tax returns
  3. Advisory services on accounting and tax matters

    We provide consultation services regarding IFRS as well as J-GAAP which is Japanese accounting standards. Our staff certified public accountant (CPA) with professional experiences at EY Japan, one of the Big Fours, and is ready to help you.
    We provide our services and consultation in collaboration with Fair Consulting which has its offices in major cities in Asia. It is our strength that enables us to provide services and consultation based on timely information available anywhere in Asia.

For Japanese Clients

  1. Overseas operations

    There are three types of overseas operations such as i) a representative office, ii) a branch, and iii) a subsidiary. A different tax is to be applied in Japan to each type of operations.We will provide professional tax consultation services for each type including tax treaty benefits.
    Our vital business partner Fair Consulting Group has offices in major cities in Asia which is our strength and enables us to acquire timely and hands-on local information for our clients’ needs.

    • Tax Advisory Services relating to transactions with overseas branches and subsidiaries including dividends received from and salaries paid to subsidiaries.
  2. Withholding Tax in Japan

    There needs to take tax treaty matters into consideration as well as domestic tax laws in order to avoid double taxation when paying salaries to employees staying overseas on short-term or long term assignments as well as payment of royalties on intellectual assets.We will take tax treaty matters into full consideration and provide appropriate advices for withholding tax.

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